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General George Washington

portrayed by Gregory M. Fisher

     Gregory M. Fisher has been portraying George Washington, the young Virginia Colonel, Planter, and Burgess, as well as the Commander-in Chief of the Army for over 10 years.  He has been doing first-person historical interpretations for much longer.  Greg has portrayed Washington in a variety of venues for the Living History Foundation, Inc., the Little Maids of History Inc., and on numerous occasions appears courtesy of the George Washington Foundation in Fredericksburg, VA. 


     Greg has made many appearances as George Washington at historical events, special programs, and speaking engagements to include Washington’s Headquarters Museum, Winchester, VA, Kenmore Mansion and Ferry Farm (Washington’s boyhood home) Fredericksburg, VA, the Mary Washington House in Fredericksburg, VA, the Lyceum Museum and Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria, VA to include numerous re-enactments, historical societies, schools, and organizations throughout the country—see www.genwashington.net for more information.


     Greg has shared the stage as General Washington on numerous occasions with the likes of Colonial Williamsburg’s Bill Barker (Thomas Jefferson) and Mark Schneider (Marquee de Lafayette).


     Greg served as a senior non-commission officer in the United States Army before retiring after 21 years of active duty service and continues to serve his country as a Federal employee.

     Dr. David L. Valuska retired as a Professor of History (Emeritus) at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.  He served as Director of the Pennsylvania German Heritage Center for 10 years. In 2002, he was appointed Freyberger Professor of Pennsylvania German studies, which was the first endowed chair in the Pennsylvania State University System.  Dr. Valuska was designated outstanding teacher of the year in 1990.


     Dr. Valuska has been active in both Revolutionary War and Civil War Studies and he  recently co-authored the  book "Damn Dutch; Pennsylvania Germans at Gettysburg." He has also published a volume dealing with "African - Americans in the Union Navy: 1861-1865."  He has published quite often in historical journals and magazines and had his own newspaper column in the "Reading  Eagle." He is currently working on a history of the Pennsylvania Germans in the  American War for Independence.


     He is the founder of the First Defenders Civil War Round Table.  He served as a consultant for and was in the movie "Gods and Generals" where he portrayed Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher of the Irish Brigade. He has also served as an historic consultant for the movie "Gettysburg."


     David has been a Pennsylvania Humanities Council speaker for eight years where specific focus topic is the importance of Major General Baron von Steuben to the American cause in the Revolution.


     Dr. Valuska sits on the following boards: Pennsylvania German Society where he serves as president, he is vice president of the Society for German-American Studies, advisor to the Historic Preservation Trust of Berks County, Pastorious Home Association, national board member of the Steuben Association of America, board member of the German- American Heritage Foundation and the Deutsch-Pennsylvanischer Arbeitskreis in Mainz Germany. He also sits on the board of directors for the National Center for Civil War Chaplains. He is an internationally recognized speaker and has delivered papers in England, Austria, and Germany.


     He was a captain in the United States Air Force.  He served as an advisor to the South Vietnamese in Vietnam from 1968-69.  He was awarded the Bronze Star, Air  Force Commendation Medal, and the Vietnamese Medal of Honor First Class.


     Roger Wylie has been a member of the 1st Continental Light Dragoons for the past 10 years.  About two years ago, he portrayed Billy Lee in "The American Revolution" series for A&E and the History Channel as well as a student film entitled "Liberty" that was released in New York City in the Spring of 2008. 


     His most previous  engagements as Billy Lee at the Battle of Monmouth, Monmouth, NJ; the Battle of the Hook, Gloucester, VA; and, at the Rockingham 225th anniversary, Princeton, NJ. 


     He is a retired school teacher and taught for 31 years at Valhalla Middle/High school in Valhalla, New York, which is just out side of White Plains.  Roger’s last 15 years of teaching was at the middle school level, teaching American history.  He continues to substitute teach in the local schools near his home in Litchfield, CT. 

     Kimberly Walters started as the Washington’s Headquarters housekeeper modeled after Mary Smith and Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson. 


     She also portrays the Head Cook of the von Heer Provost and does other camp follower interpretations outside of the HQ.  When cooking, she uses authentic receipts (recipes) and open hearth as well as camp fire methods to cook for the HQ and von Heer officers and dragoons.  Kim also portrays the middling sort and Gentry class at historical homes and other venues.


      Her last engagements were at the Gunston Hall Plantation Christmas, Gunston, VA, Riversdale Mansion, Riversdale, MD, “The Redcoats are Coming! “Jerusalem Mills Village, MD, Ferry Farm, Fredericksburg, VA, “Under the Redcoat 2009,” Williamsburg, VA, the Prince William Resolves for Historic Dumfries, Inc., the Carlyle House in Alexandria, VA, Hugh Mercer Apothecary, Fredericksburg, VA, the Battle of the Hook, Yorktown, VA, and “The Market at Washingtonburg” at the Army Heritage Education Center, Carlisle, PA.  Kim has taken several cooking classes at Gunston Hall, VA, and with Heart to Hearth Cookery in PA at Bolton Mansion.  She displayed her cooking skills at Carlyle House in April 2009 at the Annual Herb Garden Day.  She is a member of the Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley (HFSDV), and the Association for Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM).


     Kim is also a member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and is currently the Regent of the Prince William Resolves Chapter.  She serves her country as a Federal employee.

“I was summoned by my country whose voice

I can nere hear but with veneration and love.”

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